A/C Condenser Frame

I finished this one up a while ago but I just haven’t had the time to post up the progress.  There’s been lots of different things going on like piecing my Subaru back together again after having a bunch of engine parts stolen, travelling to our BlackBerry developer conference and packing everything up in our kitchen and prepping for some renovations that will be happening over the next month or so.

In short.. busy times 🙂

Once I had finished up the radiator and fan mounting, I turned my attention to the frame that will hold the Air Conditioning condenser in place in front of the radiator.  I created a frame out of the 1 x 1 tubing that matched the outer mounting tab dimensions for the condenser.

From there I took some 90 degree angle pieces of steel and welded them on as tabs to be used to bolt the frame to the assembly I created for the rad and fan.  This lets me remove the entire piece when I want to remove the condenser instead of having to fiddle with the little mounting points

The final steps to take to finish this portion of the car are to have some aluminum tabs welded onto the end tanks of the radiator and then drill and bolt on all the pieces to the assembly.  Once that is all done I’ll be welding the assembly in place in front of the pre-existing engine cross member.  It “should” fit in-between the cross member and the front sway bar on a slight angle.

But I’ll tackle this challenge once I get there 🙂

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