Starting on the Radiator Mounting

<robin>Holy future vision Batman, the end is in sight for metal fabrication!</robin>

As I start looking at what all needs to be completed as far as metal fabrication goes, the end is definitely in sight! I have a few tabs to weld on, finish the top of the cabin above the firewall, a few other small bits, create my exhaust and fabricate my radiator/fans/condenser mounts.

First up, working on the radiator/fans and A/C condenser mounting mechanism.  I also have some pretty tight space to deal with in front of the engine.  While it looks roomy there isn’t a lot of height, nor space between the frame rails once you consider the steering box on the one side.

Before I can start tack welding in some of these mounting spots, I needed to create a little cradle that would act as my fan shroud mount and also be a spot where I could attach my radiator with some tabs.  I’ll also build off of this cradle to hold the A/C condenser in front of the radiator.  By creating this cradle I can move it around under the hood and weld it in place and know all my components will fit on it.

I used some smaller 7/8″ tubing for this project and started to create a frame around the radiator and some vertical runners to connect the fan shroud.

You can see that I left a small space between the fan shroud rails and the radiator itself to ensure that I didn’t have any steel on aluminum rubbing going on.  This gets the shroud as close to the radiator as possible so that the fan’s air isn’t leaking out around the radiator core.

The fan shroud fits directly on top of the two rails in the center.  I’ll end up boxing in the top and bottom with some steel to better seal around the radiator.  I also have to trim the fan shroud slightly around the top and bottom radiator hose inlets.

I still need to do some modifications to the cradle to make some more room around the radiator filler cap.  I’ll also have to get my aluminum welding shop to weld on four tabs to the radiator for me to bolt it onto the cradle.  Last up will be creating a bolt-on piece for the A/C condenser.  Once I have these all in place I can start and position it under the hood to see where I can get it to fit.

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