A Start on the Turbine

I’ve been on the look-out for something that would work for my turbine for quite some time now, and I finally found what I was looking for on the weekend.  The turbine on the Batmobile has a rolled edge going around the front of the inlet. Problem was that my turbine didn’t have this same look.

Actual Batmobile turbine:

My turbine:

Enter the solution that I had been looking for.  A good old fashion metal garbage can that looked like it had the right diameter and a perfectly rolled edge 🙂

I marked off the edge where I wanted to cut and trimmed the top rolled piece off.  It was actually quite amazing how well it fit over my existing turbine.

Of course the metal was REALLY thin which made welding next to impossible.  I had my welder on the lowest heat level and I was still getting burn-through.  But persistence and patience managed to get me all the way around.

I was able to grind down the welds fairly well, and Ill end up smoothing it all out with some body filler once I’m done the metal fabrication.

I also started creating the mounting points which look like the ones in the second picture at the top of this post.  There’s a mounting plate welded to the top of the turbine that the top bracket bolts to.  It actually appears to have bolts that pass through into the inside of the turbine which in turn bolt onto an internal mounting plate attached to the inner nose cone feet.

I drilled the holes on the very top “flat” plate of steel and then welded it onto the curved piece of steel below it.  this will give me guide holes to drill the lower curved piece.  Once I have the lower curved piece drilled I’ll weld it to the top of the turbine and then drill down through the turbine outer shell.  This will ensure that all the holes line up.

I’ll also need to create some inner feet that have nuts welded to them so that I can pass a bolt directly through the top of the mounting plate and fasten it into the inner feet.  All the mounting points will be blended in with some body filler to look like the actual turbine.

Here are some pictures of my current progress:

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