Fabricating some Hood Mounts

Last weekend my parents came down to visit to celebrate my daughter’s 6th birthday.  The day after her birthday my Dad and I were able to spend some quality time in the garage.

The goal… figure out a way to mount the hood.  Generally speaking, the design is to have 4 bolts welded to the frame of the car pointing up with some platforms connected to the hood resting on these bolts that will allow me to place some lock washers and wing-nuts to fasten it down.

I need to make sure that I can get the hood on and off really easily so that I can hoist the hood up to the ceiling of the garage to park the car underneath it.

The hood will have 4 wing nuts/bolts/mounts and then two latches on the sides as seen in a previous post.

We started by creating some 1/2″ plywood boxes that would be glued and fiberglassed to the hood near the gun doors.  These boxes needed to leave enough room to spin a wing-nut, and and also deal with the contour of the lip around the gun door.  We also wanted to use these boxes as an attachment point for the harness for the hood hoist.

If you look at the bottom side of the box, you’ll see that we created a plate out of the 1/8″ steel and then supported it with another welded plate of 1/8″ steel to strengthen the loop.

Below you can see the two boxes glued, screwed and clamped to the hood.  The screws were counter sunk in order to fill them over with body filler.  Once the glue is dry, I’ll pop off the clamps and then fiberglass the wood into the hood and seal it all up so that water doesn’t get into the plywood.

A small mount will be created off the pillar of the cage near the gun doors that will have a bolt welded to it. This will then come up through a hole in the bottom of the box where the lock washer and wing-nut will be fastened.

I’m going to do something similar under both nose pieces in front of the front tires.  Creating a spot that I can reach either with the car jacked up on its air springs, or by turning the wheels.

First part of this “nose process” is to create some mounting support spots on the front of the frame.  These will be created as boxes out of 1/8″ steel and have a bolt coming out from the top.  Then a box similar to the ones near the gun doors will be created to bolt the hood to the front of the frame.

One thought on “Fabricating some Hood Mounts

  1. If possible, Would you please be so kind to Email me at Jamesjcso@yahoo.com? I have a question for you about your build. I am trying to find a per say “kit” for me and my two little boys to work on as a father/son(s) time. Thankyou for any assistance you can give.


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