Transmission Tunnel Finished

I had three goals yesterday during my day off…

  1. Fix the angle of the machine guns
  2. Finish the transmission tunnel
  3. Finish the front/sides of the cabin

I was lucky enough to get both one and two finished yesterday and fell about an hour or two short of being able to finish the front/sides of the cabin.

I cut and tack welded all the pieces in place on the transmission tunnel.  I did however do the finish welding for the area where the shifter cable passes through.  I wanted to get all the hot stuff done in this area so that it wouldn’t melt the grommet later.  I’ll end up creating a little “boot” for the grommet to make it a water tight seal.

I’ve found that if I have a long time that I’m able to spend in the garage it’s best spent cutting and tack welding pieces in place.  The evenings after work make a good time to do finish welding since it takes very little setup/clean-up and isn’t loud.

I’m hoping to get #3 done this weekend 🙂

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