30 Cals are Shootin’ Straight

In a previous post I showed the 30 Cal machine guns mounted on the BatBerry and the mechanism that makes them work. However, I made them parallel with the frame of the car but the hood of the car actually rises towards the front.  Lovely…

This resulted in the machine guns looking like they were going to shoot into the hood.

So one of the tasks yesterday during my day off was to correct this problem.  This would be easier said than done if you didn’t have to spend half your time moving things around, rolling the car backwards and lowering the hood back down onto the car.

I ended up cutting the tack welds and then simply tipping up the front of the assembly and tacking it back in place.  There isn’t much clearance on the front and rear of the 30 Cals as they come up through the hood so there’s a little bit of fiddling needed.

I needed to get these corrected so that I can finish welding in the front/sides of the cabin. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out 🙂


3 thoughts on “30 Cals are Shootin’ Straight

  1. Those look great. You’ve made some good progress lately. Hopefully you can get this on the road this summer.

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