Mocking up the Air Conditioning

This weekend’s project was mocking up and fitting the AC/Heating unit for the BatBerry.  I’ll be going with a Vintage Air GEN-II-Mini unit that has both heat and AC.  You can get a version that has defrost as well, but there will be no need for defrost in this car.

I headed over to Horton’s Hot Rods to pickup the mock-up unit so that I could get all my spacing setup.  I also picked up the firewall fittings so that I could try and find a spot to run the lines into the interior.

Of course nothing ever works/fits the first time.  Even though this is a tiny AC/Heating unit, I had to notch out the top of the transmission tunnel to make enough room.

I also drilled and welded a bolt through the firewall that acts as a top mounting point.  I manged to finish up the welding of the notched-out firewall and drilled the holes for the line fittings.

Here you can see what the Vintage Air unit and the line fittings look like.  I also manged to get a bit more welding done on the transmission tunnel before calling it a day.

2 thoughts on “Mocking up the Air Conditioning

  1. You mentioned that you wouldn’t need defrost. What about when the windshield fogs up or will the car not be out during these times? Is there a chemical that you can put on the windshield to prevent fogging?

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