Teddington Nameplates

One of the members of Chicks Love the Car somehow managed to get their hands on some Teddington Hot Air Valve nameplates.  Teddington hot air valves are what are used as the center piece for the Batmobile’s side mechanics.  He was kind enough to take some hi-res pictures and give me the measurements of the nameplates. Since the originals (shown above) have suffered a bit of damage, we wanted to see if we could create some brand new replicas.

I was able to use the same Inkscape software that I used for the dash panels and created some new templates for these nameplates.

I then sent the PDF file off to Bill at TechniSoft (who did my dash panels) to see what he could do.  We decided to create the nameplates out of black enameled aluminum (.020) so that when the text was etched it would show the raw aluminum.  That’s why when you look at the pictures below, the colors are reversed from the templates above.  The engraving machine etches any black areas.

I’ve attached the PDF file to this blog post for anyone who wants to take it to their own engraver or contact Bill to have him create you a set  🙂

Download Teddington Nameplates PDF

The end result is seen below and I think they turned out pretty damn good!  I decided to place a nickel beside them to give you an idea of their actual size.  The lighting in the garage wasn’t the best for taking photos so I did my best to not have the flash wash out the photo with the glare off of the aluminum.

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