Nothing Exciting, but Progress Just the Same

I was able to get out to the garage after lunch today and finish up a variety of things on the BatBerry.  First I drilled out the holes on the plywood walls of the cabin and made sure that all the bolts lined up, and threaded into, their anchors on the cage.  I also figured out how I’ll be mounting the sides of the dash to the cabin walls.  But instead of finishing the dash mounting points (which would involve working with some stinky fiberglass resin) I decided to turn my attention to some welding.

I started off working on the framing of the cabin’s back wall which goes up behind your head.  This area is angled forward as seen in the picture at the top of this post, but there’s also a flat area that runs back in from the edge of the body before it meets this angled wall.

First up was creating a frame from some of the 1 x 1 tubing for the flat area.

I then added in a little 1/2″ spacer (using some plywood) between the edge of the body and the tube frame.  I also made sure that there was clearance between the frame and the ceiling, then clamped it into place.

I cut two pieces of 1 x 1 tubing to angle up from the seat belt bar to the new top frame piece and welded them in place.  I’ll end up welding in two more pieces close to the middle of the seat belt bar, but I’m waiting to finish off my cage in the rear first so that I have some room when welding.

Once everything was in welded in place I was able to pop out the plywood spacer and remove the clamps

I also was able to finish up the welding on the firewall pieces angling back to the seat belt bar.

To finish off the day I started to do some work on the transmission tunnel.  I’m going to re-install the wiring harness back on the transmission before I seal in the tunnel.  I’ll also have to drill a hole and install a grommet for the transmission selector cable before I seal it all up.

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