Fixing the floor pans

Re-doing work always sucks.  Especially when it means having to remove 1/8″ steel with a cutting wheel under a dash!  But it had to be done.

In a previous post I mentioned that the 90 degree edge that I had made covering the transmission cross member was actually cutting into my calves while sitting in the car and moving  my feet around near the pedals.  This definitely had to be fixed.

So this morning I cut out the steel and angled it back to give some clearance for the back of my legs.  My arms took a beating from the shards of metal, but it all ended well and my legs are now free of discomfort 🙂

Last night I was also able to cut out the troublesome piece of steel above the driveshaft at the rear of the cabin (marked with XXX in the picture below) to give some more clearance and peace of mind.  I’ve been waiting to fix this so that I could then seal in the top of my driveshaft tunnel in preparation for linking up the gear selector.

More on the gear selector in the next post 🙂

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