It’s Been a While!

Lots of things have been going on lately so I haven’t been able to make much progress on the BatBerry.  First there was a week of nights and weekends at work getting ready for the BlackBerry 10 Jam in Orlando, then a week at the show in Orlando, and then one week of vacation in Orlando to recharge my batteries.

Coming home from vacation I was itching to get my hands on the car.  Then when I came home, I opened my garage door and saw the rats nest that I call my workshop with the little goat path to the door.  I had finally met my breaking point and couldn’t work in chaos for another day.

Recently I’ve been finding that I’m spending almost as much time setting up and cleaning up as I am actually doing real work.  It takes me forever to find the tool I’m looking for or I’m tripping over everything.  It’s just been a bit frustrating.

So that was it!!!  Time to get organized and create an edition of “Extreme Makover, Batcave Edition”

I wanted to get as much stuff up off the floor so that I have lots of room to work.  That meant shelves, cabinets and organizing my toolboxes.  We have finally faced the reality that there isn’t enough room for another car in the garage when the BatBerry is in there.  So the other side of the garage has become the work area.

I’m also hoping to extend the garage out flush with the front of the house which will give me another 5-6 feed of room that would allow me to drive the car right in without worrying about the hood.  Gotta talk to some contractors 🙂

But for now I wanted to get things cleaned up… I’ll tackle the area in front of the BatBerry once/if I get the garage extended.

Things are looking much better and I have LOTS of room to work!  I started facing the area around the toolboxes with some MDF which I’ll end up putting on the front of all the 2×4 lumber and paint it all battleship grey.  I’m also going to eventually put doors on the front of each of the shelf openings so that I can tuck everything away.

But what you see is what 4 days and a couple of evenings of work managed to fix up.  Enough progress and extra room to spend a day working on the car 🙂

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