Holiday Monday Cabin Progress

With my brand spanking new garage overhaul waiting for me, I had a chance to finally dig into the car.  I also had a fellow Canadian Batmobile builder drop by to talk shop and get some ideas for his build 🙂

I’ve decided that the milestone that I’m going to try and hit is to have the car “road worthy” by September.  This means a laser focus on the essentials to get the car on the road and leave the gadgets as things to work on over the winter.  There’s a TON of work to do, but I find that I do my best work when I have a deadline.

First up was cutting out the passenger wall using the leftover plywood from the garage reno.  Then I set my sights on starting to create the firewall between the fuel tank and the cabin.  I need to make sure there’s a steel splash shield and a dam so that if there’s a rear impact which punctures the tank, fuel doesn’t come flowing into the cabin.

I needed to seal off the openings to the rear and also build a little wall that would still give me lots of clearance around the seat belt recoil unit.

Then I sealed up the back so that it would create a dam or “pan” around the fuel cell in case of a leak.

Last step was to weld in the splash panel where the back of the seats will be.

While I was waiting for the welds to cool off, I decided to finish off the arm rest cavities that will give me a little bit more elbow room.

I still need to run some steel on the top of the angle pieces, and I’ll eventually cut a bolt on piece that will cover up to the top of the roll bar once I figure out my actuator mounting for the canopy.

3 thoughts on “Holiday Monday Cabin Progress

  1. Been following this build since I saw it pop up in OT on NASIOC. So jealous! One thought I did have with your arm rests – why the square corners? Why not angle the front and back as well as the top (angled outwards). This should give you more flexibility in cases where your arm (or Robin’s arm :P) don’t line up correctly with the square hole you’ve built. Either way, this is awesome. Good luck with the rest of your build!

    1. Hi Justin,

      Those are just the cutouts for where the armrests will go in. Needed a cavity to create some space. They extend back behind where the seats go so there’s lots of elbow room. They also need to be flat across the top to make room for the sliding rails for the canopy system.


  2. Makes sense. I had assumed incorrectly the chairs would be pushed all the way back. I’m sure the pictures also are playing with my depth perception. Good luck!

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