Getting Closer to some Cabin Walls

This afternoon started with replicating the bar that I used on the driver’s side of the car.  This will be the bolt on piece that I’ll use as the anchor for the foot step support on the side intake.

I was able to get it drilled and bolted to the side impact/armrest bar and finished up the welding.  I also finished the welding of the nuts into the tube for the cabin wall anchor points.   I also pre-fabricated some extra washer/nut combos for more anchor points to come.

I’m itching to getting some cabin walls built soon, so I need to finish up all the anchor points where I’ll bolt everything up.  Today I started in on the little area beside the seat belt mechanism in the rear driver’s side corner.

First I took some 90 degree angle pieces and welded them together.  This will give me a flat area to weld in a steel floor piece and it also adds a couple more anchor points where the walls meet the floor.

I also created a 2 x 2 tube section that had the same dimensions as this bottom piece which will provide some extra support for the wall area leading into the corner.  It also sits flush with the 1 x 1 tube which is providing a support for the rear floors.

Last was cutting a 2 x 2 piece of tube that reaches up to the top seat belt bar.  I made sure that this sat flush with the top rear 2 x 2 brace tube that heads to the back of the chassis and also ties into the rear spring perch.

This will make a nice flush surface to bolt some rear cabin wall anchor points.  Everything ties together making a nice strong corner.  I’ll end up welding in a square floor piece and two narrow side pieces between the 90 degree angle steel and the 2 x 2 tube above it to seal in the bottom.

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