Working on some Step Supports

One of the reasons I wanted to get the side intake cones installed was to see how much room I’m going to have to put in some step supports.  The side intake doubles as a step to get into the car, but when it’s just a curved piece of fiberglass providing the support, you typically want to brace this area with some steel to hold an adult’s weight.

Sunday afternoon I pulled the car back and lowered the hood down onto the frame.  One thing that I had noticed before was that after cutting the hood from the rest of the body, the rear sags a bit right where it connects to the hood.

In order to get the side step support right I needed to get a jack under this area and prop it up so that the seams came together.  from there I started creating a support based on the template used for the side step indent.

I tried my best to shape this piece to the contours of the inside of the side intake.  Not having an anvil and only some basic tools made this a bit of a tricky task.  After I realized that I was going to need a second set of hands to finish this area, I shifted to creating the bolt on brace that will hold the side support.

You can see where this support goes at the top picture of this post. Essentially I placed the drivers seat back in and measured what would be a comfortable position for an armrest and placed this 2 x 2 tube just below the measurement. (My armrest will reach outward a bit towards the intake to give some more room)

I then created a brace with some 1 x 1 tube and welded it to some 90 degree angle iron that was drilled out for some self tapping bolts.  This 1 x1 brace then bolts on top of the armrest support.  Once I have a second set of hands available I’ll hold the support piece up in the intake and use this bolt-on support as an area to weld the support piece to the chassis.  Having it bolt on lets me pull the body off when painting the frame and then bolting the support back on when everything is reassembled.

At this point I was disappointed that I spent so much time clearing things from the garage to roll out the car and lower the hood for a project I couldn’t finish 😦

So I decided to work on a quick win to make me feel better 🙂

I made some templates for the sides of one of the rear floor pans (where the fuel cell will go) and welded it all up.  This made me feel much better so I continued to do some more finish welding and then called it a day.

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