Still thinking about the Fuel Filler

In some of my other posts I had mentioned that the two fuel filler caps on the sides of the car will not be able to be used as actual fuel fillers.  This is because they simply sit too low compared to where my fuel cell will be located.

I’ve thought of just running the fuel filler neck inside the hatch area at the back and simply popping the hatch to fill the car up.  But at the same time I’m not real excited about having this fuel door inside the vehicle.

The question that I keep debating is whether or not I should just do the fuel filler the exact same way they did on the movie car.  Run it flush with the body work up on the passenger side near the port hole and paint it the same color as the body.

Any opinions are welcome 🙂

5 thoughts on “Still thinking about the Fuel Filler

  1. Where again is the fuel cell going to be? Can you not get a lower profile longer cell to be able to use tge actual fuel fillers on the car?
    How much height difference do you need?

    1. Hi Aidan,

      The issue is that there is barely any room at all… the fuel fillers are REALLY low on the sides. The problem is that if I’m going to put the tank behind the seats it needs to have clearance over the driveshaft.

      I don’t want to get into the complexity of running two fuel tanks with cut-over switches/valves, dual pumps, return lines… not to mention having to fuel the car up by turning it around when I’m at the gas station after filling one side 🙂

      Here’s the post that gives you more of a view on the clearance.

      I’m just keep going back and forth between the movie car position, and just having a fuel filler cap in the hatch. Many other cars run this way where the fuel cell is in the trunk.

  2. If it was me and I couldn’t use the existing fuel filler caps I would do it like the movie car. I’m not a fan of the opening being inside the car. I have seen were others have done it in the trunk but it just doesn’t seem safe enough to me.

  3. Well…as cool as it would be to have some sort of complex system in place where you could utilize the side fuel fillers…it’s just not going to work. It makes me a little sad too, that they’re not a functional design, because they look so incredibly awesome.

    I would attempt to follow the movie car as far as placement of the filler door goes. It seems like the best option. I wouldn’t want the filler inside the vehicle either and opening the back hatch kind of takes away from a little of the mystique of the vehicle for anyone passing by and oggling your car. “Oh look, there’s no jet engine, just a gym bag and a pair of sneakers.” 😛

    I will say that I do like how they blacked out the filler door on the movie car so it’s less noticable. Not sure if you agree, but keeping the focus on the non-functional filler doors helps maintain the illusion that they are where Batman fills up his ride.

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