Floor pans, roll bars and more

First up for the weekend was getting the firewall and foot area for the passenger side floor pans fabricated.  It made a HUGE difference having my Dad there to lend a second set of hands.  Getting all the templates created, cutting out the 1/8″ metal and holding it all in place is tricky job for just one person.

We started just after 1pm on Saturday and managed to get everything cut and tack welded in place by dinner time.  Getting this ready will allow me to go back and do the finish welding later.  We also had to create a little box around some sections on the frame.

I’ll end up fabricating the tunnel over the transmission as one of the last tasks after I’ve got all the wiring and shifting mechanisms finished.

On Sunday morning we tackled the roll bar.  This was made out of the same 2 x 2 square tube as the rest of cage.  We plated both sides of the seams with 1/8″ steel and also boxed it in.  It took a bunch of planning, measuring and creating a little jig, but in the end it fit like a glove.

As we were fabricating the roll bar I realized that I was going to need a space right where the middle beam was for the linear actuator that will open/close the canopy.  We trimmed this middle beam and capped it off so that I could drill it and use it as an attachment point to hang the actuator.

This roll bar then tucks up into the body and attaches on top of the cross beam that anchors the seat belts.  It goes right up into the area behind the top intake.  I’ll end up also running 1/8″ plate on both sides of the butt welds where it meets the cross beam and box it in much like the top of the roll bar.  We gave the bar a quick spray of primer so that it doesn’t rust over between now and when I paint it.

I’ll also be adding two 2 x 2 tube bars from the top corners of the roll bar back to each rear spring perch.  We made sure that we left a good 2-3″ of space between the port hole windows and the roll bar.  This will allow me to make some camera mount brackets to check my blind spots.

The last part of the weekend was working on the floor area behind the seats where the fuel tank sits.  I had originally mocked this up in plywood, but decided to use the 1/16″ steel as the floor of this area.  We used the plywood as a template, cut the sections, did a little bit of welding and clamped them in place.

Overall I’m really happy with the progress we made on the car over the weekend.  The warm weather and opening up the garage door for the day on Sunday didn’t hurt either 🙂

5 thoughts on “Floor pans, roll bars and more

  1. Wow nice work, I’d love to come out and see it sometime, with your permission of course,
    (or without it’s up to you ………..) LOL

    Also was this like the best winter ever? (only because we never really got one)

    333 Half Evil

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