Dash Panels Are Looking Great!!

After just one day of shipping my dash panels have arrived.  There was a lot of work that went into figuring out all the panel measurements and details along with creating the vector art for the cutting machines but in the end it was all worth it 🙂

I’ve been working with Bill from TechniSoft who has been absolutely awesome!  Bill double checked my work, found mistakes and gave me a chance to correct them before the machines did the engraving and cutting.  The whole experience working with Technisoft has been an absolute pleasure.

 You can start to see what the panels will look like with the LED’s added, the PlayBook mounted and gauges inserted.  I’m VERY happy with how the panels turned out.  All I have to do is paint the outside edges of each of the panels with some satin black and they’ll be good to go!


11 thoughts on “Dash Panels Are Looking Great!!

  1. Wow, Tim those look great! Your car is really going to benefit from you putting inthe extra effort to make it a very authentic looking Batmobile. Do you think it would be possible that Bill at technisoft might accept additional orders for some dash panels?:-)

    Dave Boboc

  2. I would think that with a computerized display, none of those blinky, knob-y stuff are necessary anymore. It has always bothered me in Star Trek, and it’s bothering me about this project.
    If you can just get a display that shows all possible information, and use the touch screen to control EVERYTHING.

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