Debating Interior Colors

So I’m debating seat/interior colors…. I had originally thought of going with a simple black.. but I’ve also been planning on making the BatBerry a twin of my Subaru. The wheels are the same color and the BatBerry will be painted with the exact same paint as the Subaru.

I’ve been thinking that it would also be cool to do the interior upholstery the same. I plan on showing these cars together as a pair and I’m really liking the idea of making them as close to each other as possible. Here are some shots of the Subaru’s exterior and interior to give you an idea of what the color combination looks like.

I think it would really make the interior POP and give the car my own unique look. I even have left over plaid door insert material to match the insert area above the armrest.

6 thoughts on “Debating Interior Colors

  1. Not sure that much of the tan colour would look right in the Batmobile. How about the same seats but with a reverse colour scheme. Tan inserts and black on the rest of the seat?

  2. Well, I get matching the cars up. I mean, it’s YOUR Batmobile, you can customize it as you see fit. Also, I’m liking the wheel colour match up and the paint will look awesome as well.

    As for the interior specifics…I could dig the burnt orange with black inserts. Maybe get the bat logo embroidered on the seats even. The only thing I’m not feeling is the plaid inserts. I even opened the full pic and zoomed in to make sure, but it just doesn’t seem to flow. I’d match up any highlights on the doors with the seat colour scheme. Especially on the Batmobile.

    Anyway, up to you of course but that’s my 2 cents.

      1. I would agree with the coments from Namtabmi. The embroidered bat on the seat back would look good as well. Bottom line is it has to be what you like. Besides, your going to be driving the Batmobile, it’s going to be cool no matter what direction you go in. :o)

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