One Year Anniversary!

Yesterday (Feb 20th) was the one year anniversary of when I successfully returned from the USA with the BatBerry body shell in tow 🙂

It was nestled away in storage last winter and brought out in the summer when I had my donor chassis stretched (beginning of Aug 2011).  It’s been a fun year of planning and working on the car and I do plan to have the car on the road this summer!

I’ve been travelling a bit for work lately so getting out to the garage on the weekends has been a challenge.  But I’ve been also ordering things behind the scenes.  My dash panels should be here shortly, and I have all the switches, knobs and dials ready to attach to the panels.

Looking forward to year number two!

2 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary!

  1. Congrats on the first year, Uhhh Happy Belated BatBirthBerryday or BirthBerryBatday or BatBerryBirthday.. anyways all the best many more to come well not too many just enough and then you can celebrate years of completion. I just hope I have half as much done after my Year One…
    P.S are you going to the car show this weekend at the Convention Center if you are I’ll give you my cell and i’ll buy you a coffee and you can tell me all the horrible horrible things I have to watch out for when I get started…


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