Adding some cabin anchor points

I was having a hard time getting motivated to go out in the garage this weekend, but then I watched one car show on the SPEED network and I was ready to rock again!

The work wasn’t that glamorous but everything needs to be done sometime.  The inner cabin walls are going to be constructed out of 1/2″ plywood sandwiched between fiberglass.  These walls will then be fiberglassed right into the body to permanently attach the body to the frame.

This is where I need to add some anchor points to bolt these cabin walls to the chassis/cage/frame.  I started off by welding in a strip onto the top of the frame with some nuts welded to it.  This will allow for a seal at the bottom of the wall.

Then I drilled holes along the cage where I will mount anchor points for the walls, which can be seen in the top photo.

Next I welded the nuts to some washers which will allow me to insert them into the tubing.

Last was welding the washers into the tubing holes.  Now I’ll be able to simply drill the holes in the walls and run some bolts/washers through them to hold it all securely to the cage.

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