Side Mechanics Part #2

The Teddington hot air valves started to take a bit more shape today.  These are the most illusive parts of the side mechanics that we’ve been able to track down the part numbers for, but nobody has been able to find a place that can source them.  So I’m making my own 🙂

I started off by cutting out 6 pieces of 1/2″ plywood based on the template that I drew.  I “think” 3/4″ would have been too thick.  Once I get the build-up on both sides it will likely look more chunky. It would have also been nice to have a scroll saw handy but the jig saw had to do.

I then lined up three of these for each side and used some drywall screws to hold them in place.  Each side will always have three separate pieces to give it the look that you see in the picture at the top of this post.

Now I needed to mark the bolt holes.  For this I used some 1/4″ washers that will act as a guide for sanding and shaping the bulges (more on this later).

Then it was over to the vice for some drilling.  I marked the bolt holes on both sides of the plywood to ensure that my washers were going to line up.  Then I made sure I had some tape marked on the drill bit as a depth gauge to make sure that I wouldn’t drill all the way through.  This way I can drill from both sides and ensure my drill bit goes in straight and my washers line up.

The bolts, washers and nuts went on without a problem.  You can see in the following picture how I’ve positioned the washers to be pushed out as far as I can.  These will act as guides for the files that I use to shape the bulges and guarantee that they are perfectly round all the way across.  I just have to fill in the low spots and file off the high spots using the washers as guides.

After I have them all shaped I’ll make sure the bolts are inserted in the same direction as the movie car.  I’ll likely also remove the washers and simply use them now for guides. Here’s how they currently look after assembly:

For reference you can see how big they are compared to the fiberglass versions that come with the kit.  They are slightly less thick but are taller and wider.

I did a couple minutes of filing and sanding to see how the washers were going to work out as guides.  It turns out they’re going to work great!  Here’s how they look after literally 3-4 minutes of filing and sanding.

It’s a bit hard to see just where each of the three pieces are separated because of the layers of plywood.  There’s still a long way to go but I’m happy with the start so far 🙂

6 thoughts on “Side Mechanics Part #2

  1. Looking good Tim! Any chance I can get a copy of your pattern? Better yet have considered making a mold of it?

    1. Hi Lou.. I can send you a copy of the template if you like.. Not sure if I will be able to mold it or not when it’s ready. I’ll be bolting some steel exhaust tube to it as well and creating all the contours.

  2. Do you have the exact part number for the teddington heat valve?

    I’d like to try and help and send a few emails to some friends.

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