Side Mechanics Part #1

The holy grail of a Batmobile builder’s project is some accurate looking side mechanics.  These can make or break the look of the exterior of the  car and are the first thing that a builder looks at when they check out a replica.

A good set of side mechanics means the builder paid attention to details and likely did a good job elsewhere.  They give the exterior of the car an industrial look and solid chunky accurate ones go a long way to giving it that movie car feel.

I’m about to embark on the challenge of creating some good looking side mechanics for the BatBerry.  I’ll be trying to keep them as accurate as I can using various materials and techniques.  I’ll also be painting mine bronze to match my other exterior accents (wheels, afterburner, exhaust).

First step is creating some templates for the middle hot air valve.

Next is transferring these to some 1/2″ plywood that I’ll use as the core material.  They’ll end up being coated with some fiberglass resin to seal them water tight.  I’m hoping that I can start to cut these out tomorrow.

I’ll then clamp three of the cutouts together and drill the bolt holes.  Once I have the bolts holding the pieces together I’ll do some shaping of them to make sure they are all symmetrical.

I also figured out a couple more things when looking at a bunch of my detailed photos…  When I took a look at the reducer for my headers I noticed that they looked similar to the sections on the side mechanics.  They have the same 3 bolt flange style and a flared end.

If you placed them on top of each other instead of placing the pipe through the flange it looked almost exactly like the bolted sections.

Also if you bolt them up end to end you get the final desired look.

The ones I have are just 2 1/4″ exhaust pipe that isn’t big enough and it makes the pipe look small compared to the flange thickness.

So I ordered a bunch of 3″ reducers that I’ll use to create these different sections.  The actual side mechanics also have some V-band clamps that are crazy expensive, so I’ll be fabricating the same look out of T-bolt clamps and weld them on to look the same.

I’ll be doing a multi-part write up on these side mechanics as the parts come in, so stay tuned 🙂

4 thoughts on “Side Mechanics Part #1

  1. If your going to put the time and effort into these like you do everything else, you are going to have the best ones out there. The fiberglass ones that came with my kit are ok but with one issue they are exactly the same, not mirrored I don’t think I would have used them anyways except to base my template off of. I’m looking forward to seeing how this comes out, And don’t screw it up we are all counting on you to get it right……
    NO PRESSURE!!!!!!!


    1. Hopefully I can get them pretty close.. I’ll be out in the garage cutting out the templates and picking up some nuts and bolts this morning 🙂

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