Things got HOT this morning!

I had a couple hours this morning before we started our plans for the day so I figured I would go out and cut some different pieces of steel that I needed.  Little did I know that I was going to catch on FIRE!

I was using the cutting wheel to cut some strips out of 1/8″ plate and the sparks were coming back against my body.  I’ve done this many times before, but usually it’s when I have my welding leathers on, but today I had on an old corduroy jacket.

I thought to myself, hmmm… that’s starting to feel hotter than usual?? Then I looked down and realized that half of my lower jacket was on fire.. yikes!  Good thing it had a zipper on the front so I could just get it off and throw it on the floor.. but of course my sweater underneath had caught on fire too! So I patted the smaller fire on my sweater out with my work gloves I had on.  At least my undershirt didn’t catch on fire 🙂

The fire extinguisher in the garage took care of the jacket and then I took the jacket outside and soaked it with water.

Good thing I was dressing in layers for the cold!  In the end I suffered zero injuries and managed to finish my cutting 😀

I’ve also managed to get some more things done over the last few days by spending a couple hours here and there among our plans during our vacation time.  I’ll be sure to post up the progress soon.

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