Some welding here and there

I’ve managed to sneak in a couple hours of welding here and there over the last week or so and I figured I would post up an update.  First of all I managed to get the driver’s and passenger’s floor pans finished.  Everything is seam welded for strength.  I’m just waiting to put the driveshaft loops in before I weld on a top plate along the driveshaft tunnel.

The bottom of this car is now built like a TANK!  1/8″ plate steel all around the floor pans and driveshaft that should take any land mine that the Joker sets for me 😀

I’ve also started to tie the back tube into the front with the 1/8″ plate and created a support structure above where I’m going to cut the 2×2 tube above the driveshaft.

Right now the driveshaft is sitting too close to this beam for my liking when the suspension is sitting on its bump stops, so I’m going to cut the section marked below out and then weld in some steel to seal up the tube ends.  I kind of went overboard on the support structure above it, but I figure better to be over-built than under-built.

Above the section to be cut out was a 1/8″ plate welded to the rear tubing and also welded to the 2×2 tube that I’ll be cutting.  Then I welded in another piece of 2×2 tubing to overlap the section to be cut out by 100% on each side.  This tube was then seam welded to the tube underneath it and also to the 1/8″ plate behind it.

I then boxed in the ends of the support 2×2 with some triangle pieces that were then again seam welded to the bottom tube and the 1/8″ plate behind it that is tied into the rear tubing.

Like I said.. a bit of overkill but it looks nice 🙂

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