An update on the wiring

After my last post on the BatBerry wiring my brother in-law pointed out some wiring finds at Speedway Motorsports and after some digging around I found a great deal that was too good to pass up.

A 20 circuit wiring harness full with signal flashers, ignition connections, headlight/tail light circuits, relays and standard GM steering column connectors for signal lights, hazards and horn plus more for only $150!  I managed to order this along with an external in-line fuel pump and a couple of keyed ignition switches to keep the shipping costs down that are now on their way to me.

This harness has some great reviews and IMO is a must have for any hotrodder.  I suggest following the link and checking out what’s all included and taking a look at the instructions PDF.

Which means I’ll be keeping my engine wiring harness and then throwing out the rest of the harness that I have and replacing it with this one that has nice instructions and labeled wires and connectors 🙂

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