Numb Thumbs

I spent the most part of the day digging into the wiring harness and my fingers and thumbs are paying the price!  It was a nasty job picking off all the old electrical tape and pulling out wires but it needed to be done.

I stripped out all the things that I didn’t need like ABS, air pump, A/C, security systems, HVAC, audio, power locks/windows/seats.. all that crap!  A lot of people would say “Why not just buy a Painless wiring harness?”… well, I just couldn’t justify the $1000 that it would cost just for the engine harness alone.

Next I’ll be going through the fuse boxes and eliminating wires and fuses that I don’t need.  I have a feeling there are still a lot of wires left in the harness that I won’t be needing.  I can trace them back through the wiring diagrams from the fuse box and eliminate them.

The service manuals that I picked up earlier this year look like they’re going to come in really handy tracking through the circuits and testing them out.  They also give me all the pin-outs for the gauges and indicators so that I can wire them up.

More wiring fun to come 🙂

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