Driver’s side floor pan almost done

This afternoon I went out into the COLD garage to try and get some work done on the drivers side floor pan.  I discussed in an earlier post that I decided to go with steel floor pans instead of the plywood/fiberglass sandwich approach.  This will give me more room for the seats to slide and also provide passenger protection from any kind of driveshaft failure.

The steel that I’m using is really overkill, but 1/8 plate is all I currently have to work with.  I’ll end up ordering some 1/16 steel for the new year to do some other work.

As seen in the top photo, I welded in the plate onto the 1″ tube basket that was there to hold the old floor pans and act as a anchor for the seats.  This gave the seat mounting tubes some support for the next step which was cutting away the existing bottom tube that was going along the driveshaft and connected to the seat mounting tubes.

Last was welding the new side onto the top tube of the driveshaft tunnel and connecting it to the new steel floor pans.  Last step is to weld the center section and the outer wall then grind it all down to look nice.  But that is for another day 🙂

3 thoughts on “Driver’s side floor pan almost done

  1. looks like you’ll be able to withstand more than driveshaft failure. how are you going to make the shaft accessible for u-joint maintenance?

    silly question I know…


    1. You can still pull the driveshaft out from the bottom of the vehicle the same way as a regular RWD car.

      I’ll be adding a front and rear driveshaft loop as well.

  2. Heheheh i just realized that that is your garage floor! hence the leaves and the hammer on the floor in the first image! frig! heheh

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