Dash Panel Templates Finished!!

Finally!! I think I have the dash panel templates completed.  There are still a couple panels that go behind your head and on the drivers armrest, but I want to get those areas mocked up in the car before I create the panels to fit.

One of the last panels to complete was the one that houses the PlayBook.  I received my PlayBook for the BatBerry mid last week so I wanted to get the panel ready to rock.  Tricky part is giving enough room for the active bezel to be touched and then also allowing space around the edges for the switches.

Here are the square switches that I will be using to go down the side of the PlayBook screen which look similar to the ones in the movie car.  They take a 3/8 round hole to fasten them to the panel.

I also managed to adjust both the Audio panel and the center 3 x 6 panel to better fit the area that’s available on the dash.  This gave me enough space to also pull up the bottom panels on the dash so that they actually fit!

The center console panel is also completed and looks pretty darn good.  Now I just need to get these templates out to the gentleman who is going to fabricate them and I’ll be good to go 🙂

3 thoughts on “Dash Panel Templates Finished!!

  1. that looks awesome bro! keep up the good work! have a merry xmas! I’m sure santa will bring you lots of gear for the car 😉

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