Adventures in Shifting

A couple of tasks were on the schedule for Tuesday.  First was doing some more clean-up on the wiring harness for the engine by cutting out wires that I won’t be using and doing some general cleanup on the electrical taping and labeling.

Second was working on the shifting linkage for the automatic transmission. I had purchased a B&M shift cable before, but it ended up being a foot too short.  So the new 4 foot cable came in on the weekend and I got started.

The picture at the top of this post shows the bracket that attaches to the transmission pan and the arm that you attach to the gear selector.  The cable is then fished through, and secured to, the bracket and threaded into the attachment on the gear selector arm.

The throttle quadrant that I’m using for the gear selector also has a connection point on the bottom of the main arm.

The idea here is to have the gear selector on the transmission half way through its possible range of positions and then also set the shifter halfway through its range of motion.  This will ensure that you have the full range of movement.

The other end of the cable is then run through the firewall and is connected to the bottom of the gear selector.

The last step is to fasten the throttle quadrant end in place with a bolt.  This is where I left off for the time being.  I wanted to remove the very thin sheet metal that I have on the top of the driveshaft tunnel and replace it with some of the 1/8″ plate before I fastened the shifter cable.  This extra steel will ensure that the passengers are protected by any kind of driveshaft failure.

Then I started looking at the tube frame that I created around the driveshaft and also the problematic clearance that I have on each side of the seats in order for them to slide forward/backward.

I decided that I would scrap the existing wood floor pans and go with some plate steel instead.  This will gain me about an extra 1″ of clearance for each seat, and also will allow me to remove some of the tube that I have in place around the driveshaft that will give it an extra 1″ of clearance on both sides.

I started welding some steel for the floor pans and called it a day when I ran out of wire for the welder.   I’ll do some more floor pan work on Friday and post up some pictures of my progress 🙂

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