Test Fitting the Dash

I started off today with the goal of hooking up my shifter linkage, but the shift cable that I bought turned out to be about a foot short.  So I’ll have to return it and get a four foot cable instead.  The shift bracket is actually pretty simple and bolts onto the transmission pan.  More on that when I get the new cable 🙂

After my plans for the day were foiled I decided to start test fitting my dash panels that I’ve been working on and also building some supports for the dash.

I had been worried about the gauges hitting the cross beam that’s holding up my steering column, but it “looks” like I may not need to change it.  We’ll see once we get the gauges in there.

First step was building a tube frame for the dash to rest against.  This will provide a surface to weld on some tabs so that I can secure the dash and its panels.

I continued this frame across the top of the dash and then back to the beam.  I also placed in some spacers behind the dash near the steering column.  This should give me enough space for the back of my switches.

After the supports were done, I placed the dash top back on and started taping on the dash panels that I printed out.  This will give me an idea where I may need to adjust the dash to get everything to fit.

I’m still not satisfied with the middle 3 x 6 light/switch panel.  I think it’s still a bit big.  I’ll have to figure out how I can make it a bit smaller.

It also looks like either the dash area behind the steering wheel needs to go further towards the side of the car before it angles back, or I need to find a way to shorten that “audio” panel.

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