Tinkering with Electronics

My daughter and I decided we would do a little bit of experimenting with the electronics of the BatBerry tonight.  To provide the 12 volt power supply I took a trick from those over on mp3car.com.

We picked up a power supply for a PC at the local Tiger Direct.  It provides a 12 volt DC supply and will handle up to a 45 amp draw.  Nothing I have will even come close to that level of amps so we were good to go.  This provides a very nice cheap and reliable source of 12 volts.

We thought we would have some fun and try out the infrared cameras and 3.5″ LCD monitors that I’ll be using.  I have three monitors and three cameras.  Two cameras for my blind spots that will look out the port holes, and one pointing straight out the rear.  The LCD monitors will be attached to the ceiling of the canopy so that it’s in the same position as a review mirror.

The night vision on these cameras worked really well with fantastic picture quality.  As soon as it gets dark enough you see the infrared lights come on and everything looks like daytime on the monitor.

My daughter found that these cameras also did a great job of looking up your nose 🙂

We also had time to check out the linked .30 cal dummy rounds that will be hanging out of my cast resin machine guns.  They should really freak some people out!

7 thoughts on “Tinkering with Electronics

  1. Could you please tell me where you bought your dummy rounds as well as the brand of the infra red camera system. Is it actually three cameras and 3 screens? BTW
    I am also working on an ’89 from Doug. I’m almost finished with the ’66 as well. I could wait to start on the ’89 though. LOL Your help would be greatly appreciated.


      1. Thank You for your help. I know you are busy and I appreciate you taking time to answer my question. Your ’89 is coming out awesome! I use your comments and post on the forum as my guide. Keep up the great work.

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