Dash Panel Templates – Revision Two

I had the day off today and wanted to get some work done on the dash panel templates.  I’ve actually been able to find someone who will be able to create the panels for me complete with laser etching of the text as well as illuminating the text when I turn on my interior lights 🙂

But before I can get the panels made, I need to make sure I have all my templates created to an accurate scale.

If you’re interested in checking out the full scale image (which should print out to scale on your regular home printer) simply click here.  I even created the panels that will raise up the bottom two gauges to look like the actual movie car dash.

I just print out the pictures and then cut the edges and tape them together like what was seen in my first panel templates post.

Still lots to do, but I was able to make some pretty good progress today!

4 thoughts on “Dash Panel Templates – Revision Two

    1. Sure thing.. I need to finish up the rear panels for behind your head, the drivers side arm rest, area around the TV and the ceiling of the canopy.. then I should be able to get a price to have them made

  1. Hello Tim,

    Thanks very much for offering these dash images to others.

    I just had a question about printing. When I clicked on the link and clicked again to get full size, the images would only print on the left side of the pages. Do you know how to get the full images printed?


    Dave Boboc

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