More Fuel Cell Progress

It was another warm day yesterday which makes a good day to work on the BatBerry.  I spent the morning finishing off some work around the house and then it was back into the garage to tackle the mounts for the fuel cell.

The above and below pictures show the finished mounting of the fuel cell which shows the issue I have for being able to use the fuel filler doors.

In order to get the fuel cell mounted I had to weld in the bottom braces that I showed in my previous post.  This allowed me to drop the tank another 2 inches from my original fabrication and the results are seen in the above pictures.

Some people have expressed concern from my posted photos that there isn’t enough room above the driveshaft and the cross member above it.  This is just an illusion based on the angle of the photo.  When everything is fully compressed and the rear axle is resting on its bump stops, there’s still 1/2″ clearance above the driveshaft 🙂

I could only go down two inches because there’s another 2″ drop in the bottom of the tank for the sump area which sits below these cross braces.  Any lower and I would be hitting the driveshaft.

The cross braces line up with where the straps go over the fuel cell and hold it in place.  The metal will be drilled and tapped for some bolts that will secure the fuel cell straps in place.

Instead of making the sump area of the trunk floor out of wood, I decided that I would make a “pan” out of metal.  This saves me about 1/2″ around the sump simply by using a thinner material.  After fabricating the pan, I gave its underside a quick coat of primer so that it wouldn’t gather rust through the winter.

The below pictures show what it looks like when welded onto the fuel cell braces.  The thinner metal gives me more room to run some 90 degree -8AN fittings from the sump going to the fuel pump.

I figured I would also start in on the floor of this area and created it with 1/2″ plywood that will be sandwiched in fiberglass just like the floor boards under the front seats.

There’s lots little things to think about when creating this flooring area.  One is making room for the base of the seat belts that you see in the below picture.  Also making sure that there’s overlap on the other bracing to act as a support so that the floor just sits in like a tray.  It also needs some wiggle room so that there is enough room for the thickness of the future skin of fiberglass.

I’ve also made sure that I’m creating the floor in two different pieces so that I can get it in and out of the car while I’m working on it.  I’ll need back into this area to run my mufflers and exhaust piping.

Today I’m going to spend some more time on the computer and see if I can make some progress on the interior dash panels that will house the gauges, switches and indicator lights.

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