Getting Closer with the Fuel Cell

I took two steps forward and one step back this afternoon.  I started creating the floor for where the fuel cell will be mounted behind the seats.  The tricky part is trying to figure out what the clearances need to be.  I want the tank to sit as low as possible, but it can’t sit so low that it will be hit by the drive shaft when the suspension is fully collapsed.

I started by welding some supports up off of the cage that would serve as the floor mounts.  The idea was to create an area suspended a little bit up in the air so that it would rest on the supports and let the bottom sump of the fuel cell sit down in the floor between the straps leading to the two -8AN outlets.

I welded it all in place and it looked like the picture at the top of this post.  But after I put the fuel cell in, I found that I could have set the tank lower and I also was also going to need more space above the vent at the top of the tank in order to get a -AN fitting on there.  The vent fitting sits right under the top harness bar for the seat belts.

So after the welding looked great and I thought I was done for the day, I had to cut out the two middle pieces.  The middle pieces are 10″ on center and rest right under the straps for the fuel cell.  This will allow me to have some good solid mounting points for the straps.

It turned out that I could lower the tank another 2″ so I welded some 1″ pieces of tube onto the top of the 1″ tube that will serve as these strap mounts.  I finished up the welding on these middle pieces tonight, but I still need to weld them into the car.

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