Getting the Fuel Cell ready

This morning I started prepping the fuel cell and test fitting it in the car.  The fuel cell is a 16 gallon (25″L x 17″W x 9″H) plastic fuel cell with foam inside that has a 0-90 ohm fuel level sending unit.  It has -8AN outlet fittings and a -6AN vent fitting.

My hopeful goal is to use one of the fuel filler caps on the sides of the car to go to the fuel cell.  However, in order to place the fuel tank behind the front seats and above the driveshaft, it looks like the inlet for the fuel cell is going to be as high, or higher, than the fuel doors.  Running a flexible filler hose would create a P-Trap and keep fuel trapped in the filler neck which, from what I’ve read, isn’t good for safety reasons and can cause issues when trying to fill-up at the pump.

This means that I will likely have to run the fuel filler towards the rear and pop the hatch to fill up the tank.  I may be able to come up with something else.. but it looks like this will have to be the way it is.

This was also an issue on the movie car.  You can see from photos of the actual car, that they added a fuel cap right on the top rear of the cabin.  I could do this too.. but I’m not so fond of the look.

I also purchased a 45 degree filler neck and tip-over valve.  To get the 45 degree filler neck to fit I needed to trim the opening.

I placed a plastic bag inside the tank to catch all of the debris from trimming the opening and drilling the new holes.  Once it was all done it was as easy as laying down the rubber seal and tightening the lock nuts.

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