30Cals Mounted and Working!

This morning was a very productive morning!  First I cleaned up the back yard and garden shed to get it all ready for winter, and then I headed to the garage to finish mounting the 30cals.

First off I had to take care of the wiggle in the sliders where they would tip forward and backwards because the actuator was tipping.  I welded in two pieces of tube to hold the actuator upright which solved the problem 🙂

I also added a nut to the inside of the top mount so that the top of the actuator didn’t get pulled towards the mount.  This solved the nasty binding that was happening when the mount came down to its full rest position.

After I had the adjustments finished on both sides it was time to lower the hood back onto the BatBerry, position the sliders and weld them into place.  The pictures below show what the 30cals look like when they are nestled down in the body and how they look popping up out of the hood.

As you can see by the following pictures, I will have have to make a couple more adjustments to the top mount so that it sits level with the hood of the car.   At the moment they are really pointing downward.

5 thoughts on “30Cals Mounted and Working!

    1. The front of the body is cut and lifts right off for the moment. I’ve given up on the flip flop hood for now and I’m just making it removable. I might come back to the flip flop idea later.

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