Fun with Linear Actuators

On Halloween day I thought that I had made some really good progress on the 30cal sliders for the BatBerry.  Well… I found out today that I had to scrap that work because the sliders were going to be too tall to fit under the hood.  So it was back to the drawing board 😦

I was able to keep the same concept but I needed to offset the actuator from the sliders, and I also needed to shorten the whole unit.  While I was test fitting the old ones, I found that the perfect alignment would be just offset from the frame.  That gave me an idea.

I could make the slider tubes as long as I wanted and simply have them stretch down beside the frame which would give me lots of length for when they were extended up, and it would also line the guns up perfectly with the hood openings.  It was a bit of a blessing in disguise.

I created a “ladder” like setup that would rest on the top of the frame rails and allow the tubes to slide down the side of the frame.  I also welded in a piece between the two slide tubes at the top to ensure everything kept square

Then I laid out the top mounts and welded on some long slider tubes that fit inside the bottom ladder bar unit that will eventually be welded to the frame.

You can see how the ladder tube on the bottom rests on the frame and the vertical tubes slide down along the side.

I welded on a mounting plate to the top slider that stretched up enough to be able to connect to the top of the actuator.  I drilled out a hole, pushed a bolt through it, welded it in place and then ground of the head of the bolt.

I need to add a metal bushing between the new plate and the actuator top so that when I tighten the nut it doesn’t try and pull the actuator and mounting plate together.

I finished it off by drilling a hole through the bottom tube and pushing a bolt through to fasten the bottom of the actuator.

I also think I’ve figured out how I can fix the play in the sliders where it tips forward.  When I looked closer, it looks like the actuator actually tips forward and if I were to support the front of the actuator to hold it upright the rest of the top mount would stay straight.

6 thoughts on “Fun with Linear Actuators

  1. what light are you suppose to use in the front everyone says a maxda 626 1988-1991 is this right by the way awsome job

  2. You said you scraped the other idea because of length did you sill use 0-9 inch actuators. Do you have a manufacturer that has worked the best ?

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