The BatBerry Makes An Appearance!

I’m happy to post that I was able to meet my goals of getting the BatBerry out on the driveway for Halloween… and man was it a BLAST! 🙂

It made Halloween extra special for a lot of kids, and it also gave parents from the neighborhood who have seen me working on the car an opportunity to ask questions and take pictures with their kids.  The goal next year is to have it fully functional and on the driveway!

I had originally thought that I was going to have to get the bump stops sorted out in order to roll the car out onto the driveway, but then I had an idea…. why not install the rear air ride from Altered Altitude and just inflate the suspension to get the clearance that I needed.

Turns out the air bags have built in bump stops that are almost the height I need for the afterburner to clear the ground.  But their not quite tall enough.  So I’ll still have to do something about the afterburner clearance when the car goes down to its bump stops.   But inflating the air bags gave me lots of clearance and it was a lot of fun to see the car go up and down 🙂

I simply ran a “T” fitting between the two air bags with a simple inflate/deflate nozzle… hooked up my shop compressor, and voila, we were good to go.  I then rolled the BatBerry out onto the driveway, put it in gear, and also placed some blocks behind the tires “just in case”.

I made a walk around video of the car and you can also find lots of driveway pictures if you keep scrolling down in the post.

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