Progress on the 30Cal mechanism

After I prepped the BatBerry for Halloween night (more on that in an upcoming post), I started in working on the sliding mechanism for the 30Cal machine gun mounts.  I had finished up how the machine guns will attach to the mounts, but I needed to work out the mechanism to raise them up.

I had purchased some 9″ throw linear actuators to raise and lower the guns, and now I needed some sliders to connect them to.  I took my Que from Jack’s gun sliders, and started in.

First step was welding some plates and some smaller tubing to the bottom of the mounts making sure that everything was square.

Then I welded two larger tubes to a bottom piece.  The smaller tubes then slide into the larger tubes to create a nice little mechanism to raise and lower the guns.

The last step was to weld on a couple of cross pieces to the bottom so that it would stand up.  In the top picture you can see where the actuator will be connected so that it will push and pull the 30Cals into place.

Now I just need to weld on a couple of mounting points for the actuator and connect the two pieces.

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