Tail Lights Mounted

After a great week attending, and presenting, at BlackBerry DevCon Americas, I was itching to get back out into the garage and get some more work done on the BatBerry.  The itching actually came true with all the fiberglass dust that I created today 🙂

I figured I would spend the afternoon and get the tail lights mounted on the car.  This will definitely help make the car look more complete for Halloween.

I started off creating some cut out templates using Bristol Board that were the size of the hole that I needed to create.  I then centered these on the tail light mounting area.

Then I busted out the paint marker and traced the outline of both of the templates.  The top light was a bit trickier because it has little tabs on the inside of the opening where the bolts for the tail lights stick through.

After hours of trimming, test fitting and trying not to mess up, I had the tail lights mounted.  Overall they fit pretty well.  However the larger 365 lights have some issues with their bolts being a bit  flimsy.

The bottom chrome trim ring will end up being painted black to match the top tail light.

After inspecting closer, I noticed that the black plastic bezel on both of the 365 lights were cracked right near where the bolts were embedded into the plastic.  This explains why they were so flimsy while I was trying to get them installed.

Unfortunately I didn’t notice these cracks when I first bought the lights.  So now I’ll have to pick up a plastic welding kit and see if I can repair, sand and paint them up to look new.  But at least for now they are mounted.

I have tomorrow off as a vacation day, so I’ll have a full day that I can spend trying to get the car closer to being ready for Halloween 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tail Lights Mounted

  1. May I suggest something? How about replacing the inner lights’ bulbs of the tail lights for LED ones and the head lights’ bulbs for HID ones? I bet that would be pretty sweet! 🙂

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