Reinforcing the Canopy

I was able to take advantage of the beautiful sunny weather that has graced us in southern Ontario over the past week or so.  This extra heat meant that I was able to break out some fiberglass to reinforce the canopy.

The canopy is a pretty flexible piece of the kit.  After getting the canopy fitted the way you like, you need to reinforce it so that it holds its shape. This is especially needed when you want to start mounting it to its tracks so that it can slide forward.

Most of the folks building one of these cars say that the canopy really starts to become solid once you get the glass into it, but I haven’t reached that step yet.

As you can see even when you have it fit into place, there’s enough give in the fiberglass to have the center of the canopy sag a little bit.

To build the structural support, I’ll be using a technique similar to what I used for adding more structural support for the dash.  First was adding in the Bristol Board wrapped in tin foil and taping it to the canopy.  This provides the barrier for the fiberglass matt.

I also screwed on some pieces of plywood to line up the canopy sides with the body and also remove the sag in the middle of the canopy

I added two layers in most places, and three in the corners.  Once everything was dry I was able to pull off the tin foil wrapped Bristol Board.  It will still need some clean-up but it will serve its purpose as structural support so that I can start to fit the canopy onto the sliding mechanism.

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