Starting with the Steering Wheel

I REALLY needed a break from working on the rear end rust removal and bracing….  It was starting to drive me nuts!!  So today I decided I would start and put the steering wheel and column together.

The steering column showed up in the mail at the end of last week, and I’ve had the steering wheel kicking around the garage for a couple of weeks now.  I needed to get the steering wheel positioned so that I can get the dash properly trimmed and figure out where I’ll need to run my firewall.

The firewall is going to be a bit tricky without growing a second set of hands, but I’ll try and get something mocked up.  The biggest thing for me is to make sure that my pedals are set where I want them and the steering wheel is at a comfortable distance.  The steering column can pass through the firewall by a couple of inches if needed.

I assembled the steering column this morning and used the steering wheel adapter kit to attach the steering wheel and horn.

To start off I needed to create an area to attach the steering wheel hanger.  So I created one out of a 90 degree piece of steel that left enough room for the hanger studs to come through.

I then boxed in the two ends of the angle piece to give it some extra strength.  The trick here was to make sure that the hanger was centered with the seat and to also make sure I still had room to get a wrench on the fastening nuts.

It also looks like I should have pretty close to a straight shot from the steering column to the power steering shaft while still clearing the headers.  However, I may have an issue with the headers and firewall clearance.  We’ll have to see once I get my pedal assembly set in place.

To be continued… 🙂

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