Crappy work.. but it had to be done!

I took the last two days, used up some vacation time, and dug into some nasty work.  The back end of the BatBerry needed lots of TLC.  First up was rust removal.  I needed to get all the rust off of the frame and spring mounts.  This was absolutely nasty work!

I spent most of the last two days with a dust mask on so that I wouldn’t breath in all that rusty junk.  My arms also look like pin cushions from all the debris coming off the grinding wheel and went through two pairs of work gloves.  I spent 10 minutes tonight picking metal slivers out of my arms 😦

Once I had the driver’s side all cleaned up, I started in with the task of plating the spring mounts.  The existing ones are really rusty and for long term strength I wanted to box them in with 1/8 inch plate so that one of my air bags don’t come through.

I created myself some templates out of Bristol board and started cutting my shapes out of the 1/8 inch plate.  Of course I don’t have a metal band-saw so it was time to bust out the grinder with the cutting wheel.

I also added a new 2 x 2 tube support going from the seat belt harness bar back to the rear body support and then boxed it all in with another piece of plate.  I didn’t get all the boxing completed over the two days… but I made pretty good progress.

I continued boxing in the spring mount and created more pieces as I went along.  I also welded the spring mount top plate to the new support bar to give it some added strength.

I repeated this same process on the passenger side.  The second time around was much faster.  No figuring out what to do.. just “git-er-done”.

It ended up looking pretty good once I was done.  I still need to box in some small pieces on the rear under the support beam, as well as on the front of the spring mounts.  I’ll also end up welding in some extra steel where the shock bolts come through.

There’s still a bunch more rust on the rear to remove, but this was a really good start.  Oh and don’t worry.. those trailing arms are being replaced 🙂

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