Seat Belts and Chassis Work

Today started off with a repeat of my previous rust removal and bracing but this time it was on the driver’s side.  After that I created my cross beam that’s used for the seat belt anchors.

I started off by cutting the piece of 2 x 2 tube to the proper length and then I boxed in both ends so that it was a sealed tube that would be water tight.  Then I welded on a couple pieces of plate steel to the bottom of the side ladder bars to act as a hanger for when I needed to weld the cross beam in place.

Then I drilled holes that are big enough for the new seat belt anchor’s nut to fit into.  One on the top and one on the bottom of the vertical brace.  The top anchor is used for the shoulder loop and the bottom anchor is for the retracting mechanism.

Then I welded the new anchor brackets in place and primed all the bars to stop them from gathering any rust.

The final task was welding the bottom anchor in place for the lap belt portion of the seat belt.  Once the primer dries, I’ll hook up the seat belts and give them a try.

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