Throttle Quadrant…. Installed!

I picked up where I left off yesterday… fabricating a bracket/cradle for the Throttle Quadrant that I’m using for the shifter.  As seen in the top picture, I was able to create a cradle out of box tubing and used the existing mounting points to run some nuts/bolts to secure it to the cradle.

The other side was left open to allow for the adjustment knob to fit and to give me some wiggle room to get the throttle quadrant in and out of the cradle.

I had originally planned to weld this cradle onto the driveshaft tunnel, but then I found that trying to get the nuts/bolts secured to the throttle quadrant didn’t give much room.  If it was welded to the tunnel it was going to be a pain in the ass.

So I decided to make a bottom plate that I can drill and attach to the 1 x 1  box tube of the driveshaft tunnel using some self tapping bolts.

I figured out where the shifter should go, marked the holes, drilled and secured it with the self tapping bolts.  That sucker is solid.. no play and as smooth as butter!!

A console will be built up around the shifter so that it looks just like the movie car.

To get everything mocked up I had to trim the top of the dash to fit better with the top dash panel and also trim the bottom of the dash to give me some clearance under the bottom to allow for the shift linkage to come through.

The shift linkage will be made out of threaded rod with some adjustable ends.

There’s about 1 inch of clearance under the bottom of the dash which should give enough travel up and down as the shifter moves back and forth around its axis.

As you can see from the above picture, once I had everything properly fitted, I cut out the front bottom box tube of the shifter cradle to allow for the shift linkage to come through.

I’ll also eventually figure out the pin-outs of the front plug so that I can use the button on the shifter to do something fun 🙂

I think next I’ll be welding in the top bar behind the seats to attach the seat belts and then a side impact support bar…

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