A Hot Day’s Work

I managed to finish up the passenger’s side basket for the floor pans and the mounting points for the seats.  Then it was on to working on the driveshaft tunnel and shift linkage.

But first was a trip to the local hot rod shop to pick up some goodies.  My headers and steering wheel came in.

The steering wheel is as close as I could find and is a 13″ wheel from Grant.  I’ll have to fab up a center piece over the horn to give it that Batmobile look.  I’m thinking of a center “bat” section that pushes down on the horn button.

I started fabricating the frame that will hold the gear selector.  I’m going to create a little cradle out of box tubing so that I can then set it in place and figure out where I want it to be located and then weld it to the driveshaft tunnel.

Hopefully I’ll get it finished tomorrow so that I can figure out the linkage clearance and trim up the dash.

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