Driver’s Seat Bolts Good To Go

I was hoping to get both seat frames done this weekend but it didn’t quite work out that way.  Things always take longer than you think. I had a solid afternoon on Saturday and a couple of hours today to try and get some mounting points completed.

I was able to finish up the passenger side seat brackets in the same way I did the driver’s side.  Then it was on to making some solid mounting points for the driver’s seat.

First step was to position the seat into the floor pan where I had good front and back sliding distances.  Then I marked and drilled the holes through the floor pan.  This let me place some 1 x 1 tube under the holes and mark them with a sharpie.

In order to get some threaded nuts welded into the tube I used a little hot rot tip I learned.  First you drill out a hole in the tube that’s big enough for the nut to go through.

Then you take your nut and a thick washer and weld the nut to the bottom of the washer.

Then you place the washer/nut combo face down into the hole that you just drilled.

Then you weld the washer to the 1 x 1 tubing

The idea behind this method is that it’s a quick and easy way to get a threaded nut into some tubing.  Since the washer is welded to the tube, even if the weld between the nut and the washer lets go, the nut still stays on the inside of the tube so the bolt can’t pull through.

This gives four nice solid threaded fasteners for the seat rails.  Next step is welding the 1 x 1 tube in place.  To do this I placed the floor pan back into its position and bolted the 1 x 1 tube to the bottom using the freshly inserted nuts.  I made sure that I left extra on both ends of the tube so that I could run some 1 x 1 tube back up the the frame hanging above it.

This ensures that the tubing is positioned exactly where it needs to be.  I then measured some 1 x 1 tube to drop down from the frame above it and tack welded it in place.  Then I took out the bolts and the floor pan and finished all the welding.  Once the welding was done I did a little clean-up and cut off the excess that I left for overhang.

After this I dropped the floor pan back in place and made sure that the seat would bolt in.  Sure enough… it fit like a glove 🙂

Now I just need to finish the passenger side.  I might also add a bit more tube bracing just for some added piece of mind.

On a side note, the seat belts just came in the mail so I’ll start mocking them up soon too.

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