Mocking Up the Dash

I had a little bit of time tonight after adding some more safety straps to the suspended hood so I figured I would play around with the dash.

Clearances are pretty tight inside the cockpit so every little bit counts.  First I started off by clamping the dash top in place.  Then I propped up a piece of plywood to set the seat on so that it was close to where we measured when mounting the body.

These gave me two reference points that work in unison with the third reference point which is the driveshaft tunnel.  The good part is that I have the suspension fully compressed which represents the highest level of travel for the driveshaft so I don’t have to worry extra clearance on the top for travel.

I shimmed in a 1/2 inch piece of plywood on the top of the driveshaft to act as a spacer for the dash front to rest on.  This represents the top clearance I’ll need for the driveshaft.

Not much more to post…  I was just making sure that I’m going to have enough room.  It’s tight, but it should fit fine.

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