Hood Removed and Winch Working

It took us until about 10pm on Saturday night to get that hood cut off! We wanted to make sure that we kept the body shell in one piece while we were fitting it to the chassis.  That way we ensure that everything is straight and true.

Thanks to the neighbors for bearing with me with the loud cutting noises coming from my garage!

We must have had 12 different groups of people stop by during the weekend to check out what the hell we were doing.  Let’s just say there were lots of people surprised to see a Batmobile as they drove by.  A bunch of people were driving by multiple times to take a look 🙂

In the video you can see how big the front section of the car is and how I have it suspended on the winch system.  This will let me take the hood on and off on my own and then drive the car in under it.


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