Hood Mounts Completed

After a bunch more measuring, cutting and welding we managed to tie the two ladder bars of the cage together which also served as a point to tie in the front part of the cage.

These two new pieces of the cage allow the hood’s flat sections to rest along the flat edges of the tubing. It will also give us some other points to weld in some support cross members as well as areas that will hold the center rail for the canopy and the mechanisms for the machine guns.

The two rails are basically inset towards the center of the hood a little over 2 inches from the inside edge of the gun door openings.  This ensures that there will be clearance for the guns to pop up.

We ran the tubing parallel to these gun door openings  with enough room so that I can possibly embed a 1 x 1 steel tube into the hood right inside the gun doors that will act as a pick-up point for my winch system to lift the hood.  That way I can have some pre-measured chains that will connect directly from the steel in the hood to the winch without fiddling around with adjustable straps.

After I add some more safety straps for holding the hood up to the ceiling beam, I’ll start in on my dash mounts, transmission tunnel and floor pans. These all need to come together in unison because of all their inter-connected touch points.


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